• KAZEEM, OLAYINKA SODIK Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Lagos Nigeria


Media, Nigeria, Reportage, Military, Institution


The Nigerian Military is usually rated high in international peacekeeping around the world. Nigeria through this institution is regarded as one of the highest contributors of troops to peacekeeping efforts. Aside from the military's involvement in international peace efforts around the world, it is also charged with the responsibility of protecting the territorial integrity of the country. The concern is how the institution can succeed in securing the country from both internal and external aggressions. In doing this, the institution is also expected, according to the nation's constitution, to respect the rights of every individual and protect citizens from human rights abuses. The paper relied on qualitative data collected from secondary sources. This paper, which is descriptive in its approach, argues that the institution is also expected to be submissive to civil rule and all its tenets. The theoretical framework adopted is the agenda setting theory. It also deals with media reportage of the military between 1993 to 2018, how well the media and the military co-existed during the period and reveals the relationship between the media and the military. Because the relationship between the two is germane to Nigeria’s national security, it is important to conclude that the workings of the military and its perceived intolerance of the civilian population, which also includes the media should be tailored towards the pursuit and achievement of the Nigerian core interest. It recommends the ways by which the military and the media could improve their relationship in the interest of the Nigerian state.

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KAZEEM, OLAYINKA SODIK, Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Lagos Nigeria

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