• Dr. Farouk Ibrahim Bibi-Farouk


Food Security, Food Insecurity, Economic Dependency, Africa, Development


This paper conducted a political economy assessment of food security and economic dependency in Africa. Despite having great agricultural potentials with arable land and clement weather conditions, Africa as a continent has continued to be a net importer of agricultural goods over the past few decades. In the early 1980s, Africa lost its position as a world-renown exporter of agricultural products (including food) due to a deliberate neglect of agriculture, with consequential negative impact on food security. The systemic consequences of economic dependency have not been taken into account in previous attempts to increase food production in Africa; as a result, this study looked at how economic dependency has impacted food security in Africa. The theoretical underpinning of the paper is the dependency theory, and secondary data sources were analyzed. According to findings, the total economic dependence caused by colonialism which was subsequently reinforced after WWII with the creation of the global system under Breton Wood Institutions is not unrelated to Africa's dependence on food imports. The continent's dependence on imported food has led to the loss of traditional farming knowledge and methods. This disruption lessens local communities' capacity to produce enough food. It also disrupts their capacity to plant a variety of nourishing foods and weakens their ability to adapt to shifting environmental conditions leading to malnutrition, marasmus, hunger, inequality, sicknesses and diseases and other malaises of food poverty in the continent. Therefore, in order to attain food sufficiency, African nations should go beyond food importation and mobilize domestic ability to improve local food production. Research, value addition and infrastructural development and other deliberate strategies need to be adopted by African countries to attain food security.

Author Biography

Dr. Farouk Ibrahim Bibi-Farouk

Department of Political Science and International Relations,
University of Abuja




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